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Marketing Strategy

Business marketing strategy


1 Introduction
Marketing continues to be a mystery to those who create it and to those who sponsor it. Often, the ad that generates record-breaking volume for a retail store one month is repeated the following month and bombs. A campaign designed by the best Madison Avenue ad agency may elicit mediocre response. The same item sells like hotcakes after a 30-word classified ad, with abominable grammar, appears on page 35 of an all-advertising shopper tossed on the front stoops of homes during a rainstorm! The mystery eludes solution but demands attention. The success of an enterprise and development of enterprises depends to a large extent on whether or not they have advanced, meet the needs of the enterprise marketing strategy. For Marketing is the definition, The well-known American scholar Philips marketing of the core marketing concept of the following description : "Marketing is individuals or groups to create, provide and exchange with other valuable products, to satisfy their own needs and desires of a social activities and management process. " In the core concept contains a number of elements: needs, desires and needs; Products or provide; Value and satisfaction; exchange and transactions; and networking; market; Marketing and sales were a series of concept.
This article is devoted to the idea that your marketing results can be improved through a better Understanding of your customers. This approach usually is referred to as the marketing concept. 
Putting the customer first is probably the most popular phrase used by firms ranging from giant conglomerates to the corner barber shop, but the slogan zing is often just lip service. The business continues to operate under the classic approach -- "Come buy this great product, if you dedicate your activities exclusively to solving your customer's problems. The quality of services, and enterprises to cultivate customers satisfaction and loyalty, and can create enterprise value.
Any marketing program has a better chance of being productive if it is timed, designed and written to solve a problem for potential customers and is carried out in a way that the customer understands and trusts. The pages that follow will present the marketing concept of putting the customer first. Marketing is a very complex subject; it deals with all the steps between determining customer needs and supplying them at a profit. In addition to some introductory material on marketing, this publication includes practical material on the marketing approaches to budgeting, layout design, and headline writing, copywriting and media analysis. So that a clear understanding of enterprise marketing strategy to improve the operations of enterprises.
2 The marketing concept
    Market positioning is identifying the target market, enterprises will adopt what marketing methods, which provide products and services the target market and competitors to show distinction, thereby establishing corporate image and obtain favorable competitive position. Market positioning is a process of enterprise differentiation process, how to find the differences, identify differences and show differences. Today too many similar products, consumers how to choose? Consumers buy what is the justification? On the effective positioning for a solution. Positioning is the first to propose in the advertising industry, advertising emphasized in the eyes of the public who left the location, And people often prefer preconceptions; If enterprises can target your customers mind to establish a definite position, to the consumer a reason to buy, enterprises can often compete in an advantageous position.
Marketing is an economy built on science, behavioral science and modern management theory on the basis of applied sciences. It enterprise marketing activities and to study law,
− Determine what you are now doing to satisfy those wants and needs.
− Prepare a marketing plan that allows you to reach out to new customers or to sell more to your present customers.
− Test the results to see if your new strategies are yielding the desired results.
Market research must be used in each of these six steps to help define your business for your customer's interests, not your own. It is the process of learning what customers want or need and determining how to satisfy those wants or needs. It is also used to confirm whether the customer reacted to a marketing program as expected. The benefits of market research include
− Learning who your customers are and what they want.
− Learning how to reach your customers and how frequently you should try to communicate with them.
− Learning which advertising appeals are most effective and which ones get no response.
− Learning the relative success of is that, properly done, market research is quite expensive, takes time and requires professional expertise. Acquiring all the necessary data to reduce the risk to your venture may cost so much and take so long that you may go out of business. The answer is to find a quick and inexpensive way of getting enough data to help you make the right decision most of the time. Some obvious pitfalls are
− Using a sample that does not represent the total market.
− Asking the wrong questions.
− Not listening to the responses.
− Building in biases or predispositions that distort the reliability of information.
− Letting arrogance or hostility cut off communication at some point in the marketing process.
If you have a limited budget, develop the skills to hear what your customers and potential customers are telling you. Some techniques worthy of consideration are
− Advisory board -- Occasionally convene a group of local people, whose opinions you respect, to act as a sounding board for new ideas. Choose your group with extreme care; one or two negative thinkers can distort the thought process of the entire group.
− User group -- Gather customers together to discuss new ideas. Their opinions can help you keep your business on track. Pick a neutral setting where the people will talk. Be sure to reward the participants and share the credit for good ideas.
− Informal survey -- If you seek feedback from customers by simply asking how was everything? You can be seriously misled. Most people, even those with legitimate complaints, are reluctant to speak out because they are afraid of appearing foolish.

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