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Cat litter


    Cat culture is one of the most important manifestation of the use of cat litter, cat litter was invented by the United States in 1948, after 50 years of research and development, quality has been very sophisticated. Early mainly non-condensing litter litter-based, we have the main cat for admission. But with the cat litter technology not only progress, people are not limited to storage so simple, so they keep coming now condensation sand, wood sand, and crystal sand.
    Litter on the international market is now classified as large as:
    A bentonite cat litter, 2. Crystal sand, 3. Wooden sand, 4. Other cat litter.
    Which can be divided into non-condensing bentonite cat litter cat litter and litter condensation. Early non-condensing cat litter cat litter mainly based, since 1984 the United States launched a condensable cat litter, cat litter does not condense out of the market quickly, and now non-condensing cat litter on the market already is rarely met, only a handful of the traditional American family should be used. Condensable litter is now commonly seen in the sand, and its low price, good power and condensation resistance and deodorizing characteristics in line with the nature of the cat, loved by the majority of cat friends.
    I use bentonite resources, has long been engaged in the development and sale of bentonite cat litter, cat litter I produced the following features: 
    1 natural bentonite materials. 100% natural bentonite, 200-250 meters underground in deep drawn, natural quality.
    2 deodorizer quickly, antibacterial protection. Nontoxic, effective sterilization, strong deodorant.
    3 absorbent, caking quickly. Grains, medium size, can quickly absorb moisture condenses into pieces, the bowl can be kept clean and dry environment.
    4 small amount of dust, clean. Since drawn from deep underground, no surface dust intrusion, 99% no dust, bentonite cat litter is the cleanest.
    5 Tips: desirable small amount placed in the refrigerator, to act as deodorant, odor removal and good effect.
    As domestic manufacturers generally difficult to achieve the above criteria, so my company with good quality and reputation, to meet the domestic market, long-term export to Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. 

1. bentonite cat litter quality indicators

2.Product Specifications    

  5 kg / bag, 10 kg / bag, 25 kg / bag, 50 kg / bag.

3. Use   

1. basin covered in cat litter Bentonite cat litter 7-10cm thick.
2. When the cat excretion, bentonite cat litter absorbs moisture quickly and condense into groups to facilitate eradicated.
3. Promptly clean up the basin of clumping cat litter, do not litter cleaning water.
4. Ensure the basin litter thickness of about 7cm, once a month to clean the litter box, and promptly replace the new litter. 

       Note: Do not use a wet cat litter, cat litter and pay attention to waterproof, do not litter into the toilet or sewer.


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